Naturalization Name Change: Correcting Errors on Citizenship Certificate

Naturalization Name Change: Correcting Errors on Citizenship Certificate

If you hold a green card or a temporary visa, there may be a chance that your name was spelled incorrectly on the documents you were given. During your naturalization process, you can request a naturalization certificate name change. Your naturalization attorneys can support and assist you through the process of your citizenship name change. We will be with you through the process of filing your forms, including Form N-600, to correct errors on your certificate of citizenship.

How Do I Change My Name on Citizenship Certificate?

If you choose the route of requesting your name change after naturalization and the citizenship oath, then you will indicate the correction on your Form N-400. This United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) form is the official application for naturalization. This form is for your civics test for naturalization.

There is a filing fee of $640, yet if you request your USCIS name change, you will most likely not have to pay an additional fee. In contrast, if you want to change your name in a different way than through a naturalization name change, you will need to pay a fee.

If you file your Form N-400 and did not indicate that you would like a name change, there are still options for correcting and requesting a name change after the citizenship oath. Your immigration attorney can assist you in the process of correcting your name even after your application for naturalization.

You are able to file a Petition for Name Change during your USCIS interview. It may be helpful and beneficial for you to have your naturalization attorney present at your interview, particularly to request your name change after naturalization citizenship.

Once you pass your civics tests, you will need to attend your naturalization swearing-in ceremony in order for your name to officially.

If you are unable to attend a naturalization ceremony in court, then you can still request a name change after naturalization, yet you must appear in court.

Form N-600

If your name was spelled incorrectly on any legal form or official document, you are able to correct your name. You are not, however, allowed to request a new name on your citizenship certificate. Requesting a naturalization certificate name change can only be done to correct an error if your name is spelled incorrectly.

Your naturalization attorney can walk you through the steps on how to change name on your citizenship certificate. The process will require you to fill out Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship. This particular form helps with two scenarios:

  • Grain citizenship through your parents
  • Prove your citizenship as a U.S. Citizen

There is a filing fee of $1,170 for Form N-600.

If you request a name change via your certificate of citizenship, you will write a USCIS name correction letter. This is where having a naturalization attorney can be beneficial. The attorneys at Scott D. Pollock & Associates P.C. have the experience of writing letters to the USCIS. We can address and request your legal name correction.

When filling out your Form N-600, you must file with your current name, even though your name may be misspelled. Your actual name, your name which you would like to officially change to, will be explained in your cover letter and proven by outside evidence. Again, your form will have the name USCIS gave, although it is incorrect, and your real name is new request.

It is important to know that it may take several interactions with USCIS before you can get your name officially changed. The more evidence you have, especially through other family member’s petitions and documents, the more likely the USCIS will accept your request.

What If USCIS Does Not Change My Name?

If the USCIS denies any form of request to perform a naturalization certificate name change, then you can still attempt for a name change in a different court. You may request a name change through a state or local court. If you have any questions regarding the USCIS declining your request for a name change and would like to ask your local or state court, we can answer your inquiries.

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As you continue through your process of naturalization, it’s important to have your real and correct name on all legal documents. We can help make that happen if there has been a mistake. If you have any questions about changing your name, citizenship, or the naturalization process as a whole, reach out to us. We are honored to work with you to seek your legal name change. Contact us at 312.444.1940 today to set up an appointment.

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